Project management planning

Each project begins with the preparation phase. The project is thoroughly analyzed in terms of relevant technical and organizational contexts.

In this phase, a project management plan and a detailed program are created, as well as a risk management assessment.


Component marking

This is an activity of great importance for dismantling and transfer industrial plants. The correct marking of industrial structures before the dismantling phase is necessary to successfully carry out the assembly process in the destination position.

The marking of correspondence is preceded by the planning phase in which all objects are divided into sectors and subsectors. Once the division is complete, the appropriate codes are matched to the relevant sectors. Individual parts and devices coding is carried out using the most appropriate methods for a given device. Marking plays a key role in any relocation or dismantling process: any error or failure to codify a single part can lead to significant difficulties during reassembly.



A carefully dismantling process ensures that reassembly will be as simple as possible. Professional dismantling service consist, among other things, of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, cutting and disconnecting.

Any mistake made during the planning, marking and dismantling phase may cause additional costs for reassembly. In the worst case, reassembly may not be possible due to incorrectly performed activities during the dismantling process.


Transport preparing

The use of cranes is an important part of the dismantling project. In this phase, the lifting elements that require this service are determined, a comparative study is made and a plan for the lifting phase is created. In case of the cranes are unable to do the activity, for physical (eg limited space) or economic (too expensive) limitations, is used more suitable machinery.

The planning of lifting services is associated with a large amount of conceptual work aimed at implementing the project in a safe, efficient and, above all, economically effective way.


Industrial packaging

The following phase is the packaging. Transfer machines and devices usually have non-standard dimensions, therefore special transport crates must be designed and built.

Transporting the items in appropriate conditions also minimize the risk of damage.


Loading and transport

Loading and transport are the final part of the dismantling process and the penultimate phase of transfer services. This phase includes following activities:

  • unloading empty containers from trucks
  • loading devices or machines into containers
  • loading containers on trucks
  • transport of containers to the target position


Reassembly is the final part of the plant relocation project. Before the reassembly phase of a plant or processing line, a planning phase of the construction works is made, together with a truck and container unloading plan.

All problems that occur in one of the previous phases occur a negative impact on the reassembly phase, therefore it's essential that, if possible, this phase is performed by the same company that had disassembled, marked and loaded the parts.


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